Emily limped her way into a regular yoga practice after a running injury left her restless and broken-hearted. She began exploring different styles and fell in love with the limitless possibilities of yoga, both on and off the mat. Emily loves exploring new ways to move and guides classes where each individual is encouraged to feel good in their own bodies. Her classes encourage big breaths and expansive movement, with an emphasis on doing you! Her Yin Flight™ a meditative practice that targets the body’s connective tissue and cultivates inner calm. When not practicing yoga, Emily teaches first grade and enjoys exploring Washington’s wilderness.



As a former athlete who suffered multiple injuries resulting in chronic pain, he found comfort and relief through his yoga practice. It became such a vital part of his life that he decided to enroll in teacher training; he has been an active instructor ever since. His style of yoga is smooth, alignment-based and favors breath over movement. He believes each movement is a pose in itself stemming from the core.  He avidly believes in yoga’s ability to restore and heal the body as well as the mind. Richard loves to challenge his students and show that regardless of fitness level, anything is possible with practice. He also aims to have his students leave his class energized with renewed or continued faith in their ability to find comfort and release in his sessions.



Tiffanie began practicing yoga in 2013. What started as a love for the physical practice quickly turned into a passion for the yoga practice as a whole - which you’ll find in her classes. Often pairing strong, creative movement with a solid foundation of breath, Tiffanie believe’s that if you’re going to anything, you should do it with intention, even if it means moving a little more slowly. Always striving to share with others the same experience that yoga has given her, Tiffanie will guide you through your practice with the intentions that you’ll be able to walk away with something more than just a good stretch.



Alyona teaches from her heart hoping to inspire, motivate and connect with each person in her class. Her flows are creative and unique offering up challenges but also encouraging kindness to oneself and others. Bringing elements from her background in yoga and dance you will leave feeling elongated and accomplished.



Laura has been doing yoga for 25 years and began teaching in '03. Her first training was in Ashtanga yoga and over time she gravitated towards Iyengar becoming much more focused on form. You can expect the same in her Flight™ classes. Her style is strong and form focused while her approach is detailed and compassionate. When not teaching others to fly Laura is an acupuncturist and holistic health practitioner.



Kate's Flight™ classes are all about joining strength and relaxation into a smooth balance. Her calming voice will make stress melt away... She loves to pay special attention to opening up the hips and hamstrings and she thinks Flight classes are the perfect physical and emotional therapy for the day!