Flight™ Aerial Yoga


Experience the feeling of Flight™ taking your practice to a whole new level. 


Greater Flexibility. You have more freedom of movement, you can move your body 360 degrees in space and into new positions. This can result in a deeper and more fulfilling stretch than traditional yoga offers.

Better Focus. By putting yourself in a more challenging situation than usual, Flight™ Yoga forces you to be more alert, attentive and aware of your surroundings. This increases and strengthens your mind + body connection.

Strengthened Muscles. Gravity is working harder on your body than usual, your muscles work harder too. Flight™ yoga is also a great core workout because you have to engage your core muscles to balance and stabilize yourself during your yoga session.

Stress-Relief. Much like traditional yoga, Flight™ yoga is great for stress relief. It helps rebuild your emotional system because it clears the mind and relieves stress due to its meditative state. It also helps you combat stress throughout the day and increases your creativity. And don't forget the confidence that comes with trying something new and a little daring!

Less Pressure on the Body. Your weight is supported by the fabric and distributed between the hammock and the floor for a large part of the class which takes pressure off your joints and other sensitive areas of the body.

Myofacial Release. The fabric puts pressure on your muscles that provide a myofacial release of tension and soreness.

Detox. Your first class can feel a bit nauseating mainly because inversions, myofacial releasing and deep openings in the body kick up a great detox process that can feel a bit uncomfortable. Drink lots of water and flush it out, you'll feel much better afterwards though!

Get Happy. Inversions release 'happy hormones' dopamine, endorphins, serotonin + oxytocin. Giving you a blissful uplift!

Relax the Back. If you suffer from back spasms, scoliosis, or a herniated disc, hanging upside down may ease painful symptoms. (check with your doctor)

Anti-aging. You'll see changes in your skin, such as an improvement in varicose veins, a subtle reduction in fine lines, and more color in your face giving you the inversion #glow

Improves memory. Flight™ yoga fortifies your neural connections, thereby, rendering better memory power. In a way, practicing flight™ yoga can make you smarter!


Please read the finer details to know if this practice is right for you



foundational classes

Beginner Flight

A 60 min beginner workshop flight covering safety along with what, where, when + hows to set you up for 'take off'. 
Working from the ground up to the air!
Flight™ yoga pushes you beyond your usual limitations challenging you to connect deeper with your body + movement and explore a new edge!

Flight™ Flow

An aerial yoga vinyasa style flow that links breath to movement. Flow through postures to heat up the body while hammocks assist to build strength through resistance. Deeper openings and releases improve flexibility. Aerial yoga pushes you beyond your usual limitations challenging you to connect deeper with your body + movement.

Moving in 360 degrees of space provides greater range of motion + movement space. Weight distribution with the use of the fabric offers up increased resistance using your own body weight as well as lighter loading on the joints. 


Urban Zen Flight™ 

Designed to lower stress and decompress. Open up tight areas and work out stuck or pent up energy and stress. You will feel lighter, longer and lifted as you 'take the weight off your shoulders' increasing mobility and flexibility. Feel a unique sense of relaxation and euphoria that will stay with your from the mothership of savasanas.
We offer up warm eye pillows and essential oils for extra self care


Power and Play are advanced classes
Prerequisite: minimum of 6 foundational classes

Power Flight™ 

Working with resistance + gravity you will flow through powerful asanas. Get creative with movement + transitions building incredible strength in both the body + the mind through engagement and activation. Increase your balance and core strength along with your focus. We never forget to have fun! Laughter is common and helps to relieve stress and lighten your soul. 

**This class requires a good level of strength and experience in the Flight™ aerial practice. 


Play Flight™ 

**Requires experience. Unleash your playful side. Move through a playful flow with new variations and the addition of some creative + challenging asanas and transitions. Encouraging concentration and balance as well as reducing stress.