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Why We Fly

Why We Fly



Adrenaline is the bodies response to stressful situations
Oxytocin makes us feel bonded with others
Dopamine makes us feel more alert and motivates us to seek reward
A lack of serotonin has been linked to depression
Gaba an amino acid nurotransmitter helps reduce anxiety
Endorphins create a heightened state of happiness, like the kind we feel when we achieve something or win

Inversions in Flight Yoga alter the blood flow, including lymphatic drainage, and flow of cerebral spinal fluid. Increased blood flow means increased bioavailability of oxygen and glucose—the two most important metabolic substrates for the brain. The cells are bathed in a solution that is rich in factors required for the creation of neurotransmitters (like norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin) will be better able to produce these chemicals.
It is not uncommon to feel immediately uplifted after an inversion. These positive effects can provide an alternative way to counteract sensations, such as SAD, anxiety, depression and stuck energy.


Greater Flexibility. With more freedom of movement you can move your body 360 degrees in space and into new positions. This will result in a deeper and more fulfilling stretch than traditional yoga offers.

Better Focus. By putting yourself in a more challenging situation than usual, Flight™ Yoga forces you to be more alert, attentive and aware of your surroundings. This increases and strengthens your mind + body connection.

Strengthened Muscles. Gravity is working harder on your body than usual, your muscles work harder too. Flight™ yoga is also a great core workout because you have to engage your core muscles to balance and stabilize yourself (we often practice on one foot distributing weight between the floor and the sling which also creates instability and makes your core and muscles work harder).

Stress-Relief. Much like traditional yoga, Flight™ yoga is great for stress relief. It helps rebuild your emotional system because it clears the mind and relieves stress due to its meditative state. It also helps you combat stress throughout the day and increases your creativity. And don't forget the confidence that comes with trying something new and a little daring!

Myofacial Release. The fabric puts pressure on your muscles that provide a myofacial release of tension and soreness much like foam rolling.

Detox. Your first class (and usually only the first one) can feel a bit queezy mainly because inversions, myofacial releasing and deep openings in the body kick up a great detox process that can feel a bit uncomfortable. Drink lots of water and flush it out, you'll feel 100X better afterwards though!

Get Happy. Inversions release 'happy hormones' dopamine, endorphins, serotonin + oxytocin. Giving you a blissful uplift!

Relax the Back. If you suffer from back spasms, scoliosis, or a herniated disc, hanging upside down may ease painful symptoms. (check with your doctor)

Anti-aging. You'll see changes in your skin, such as an improvement in varicose veins + cellulite, a subtle reduction in fine lines, and more color in your face giving you the inversion #glow

Improves memory. Flight™ yoga fortifies your neural connections, thereby, rendering better memory power. In a way, practicing flight™ yoga can make you smarter!




Why We Vibe(rate)

Why We Vibe(rate)



Our vibrational energy fields are a “living matrix” with several electromagnetic characteristics. One of these characteristics is piezoelectricity, the ability to turn mechanical vibration into electrical vibration.

We instantly turn the mechanical vibration of the plate into all the different electrical energy vibrations we need to help heal, balance and unblock chakras and meridian lines of stuck energy (Chi energy).

Chi energy is what powers and guides our whole system. Free-flowing, vibrant energy will result in many mind and body benefits including more physical energy with which to heal your body and enjoy your life.

To understand how Whole Body Vibration Technology works on a cellular level, we need to remember the age old truth that everything has a natural vibration – from the ground we walk on – to the air we breath – to the water we drink – everything is vibrating.

The cells in our body, likewise, have their own optimal individual vibrations as well. Liver cells vibrate different than heart cells, which vibrate at a different rate than brain cells, etc. All of these vibrations go to make up our particular frequency.

Good health is nothing more than our cells, and subsequently our energetic systems, vibrating at the rate they were designed to vibrate at and in harmony with each other.




Strength + Power
Muscle toning
Increases endurance
Increases metabolic demand
Increases serotonin
Increases bone density



Cellulite + Recovery
Improves and increases blood flow to strengthen the cardiovascular system
Decreases cortisol levels
Increases HGH
Creates lymphatic flush




Range of Motion
Increased flexibility
Improved muscle communication
Increased balance and coordination

Increased circulation & improvement of cardiovascular
Stimulates nervous system’s proprioceptors
Increased lymphatic drainage & detoxification
Increases circulation bringing additional oxygen and nutrients to all cells providing the fuel for cellular metabolism, which creates energy.
Changes in skin texture, AKA cellulite reduction can result

Increased Hormone Production
Human Growth Hormone increases up to 460%.
Serotonin, “the neurotransmitter of happiness, relaxation and well-being”
Neurotrophine, a hormone that stimulates brain activity
Testosterone, keeps men + women energetic and feeling young
IGF-1, growth hormone that slows aging and in many cases, even reverses its effects
Decreases toxic stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine



We love things that make us feel good + nourish us.

Vibration is one of our favorites. It will make you feel all sorts of amazing!