Class Descriptions


Class Descriptions


Flight™ Aerial Yoga


foundational classes

Flight™ Flow

Flow through postures to heat up the body while hammocks assist to build strength through resistance. Deeper openings and releases improve flexibility. Aerial yoga pushes you beyond your usual limitations challenging balance and core strength.



Calm Flight™ 

Relax, release, stretch and open. Perfect for the end of a long day. Let it go; leave it below.

Power and Play are advanced classes
Prerequisite: minimum of 6 foundational classes

Power Flight™ 

Working with resistance in gravity flow through powerful postures. **This class requires a good level of strength and experience in aerial practice.


Play Flight™ 

**Requires experience. Turn up the music and unleash your playful side. Move and dance through a playful flow with the addition of some aerial flips and tricks.

Non aerial classes

Buti Yoga

Buti yoga + tribal dance

A soulful blend of power yoga + tribal dance for deep abdominal toning. Turn your focus to deep core engagement and working through stuck energy.



Vinyasa mat yoga

Keep your connection with the ground in a very detailed vinyasa mat class. Get connected with your body and it's ability to move. 


Acro Yoga

Acro Jam + partner yoga


Come join us and literally turn your life upside down for this fun, safe and interactive Acrojam. No previous experience needed. Whether you've tried it or not Acroyoga is for everyone, it is easier than you think as well as challenging. Come with a friend or maybe even two. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.