One of the most impressive aspects of Yoga Vibe is the time is saves you. You'll get the results you are looking for without being forced into a difficult or time consuming workout. Yoga Vibe is designed for people with busy lives. Classes provide a dynamic full body workout in 30 minutes. The use of Whole Body Vibration works up to 95% of the muscle fibers while you move + flow. This near-total muscle experience translates into a high-intensity exercise without over stressing your body or causing pain. In fact you will feel a great sense of positivity and energy, that you can carry with you throughout the day. The Vibe Yoga classes are truly a "feel good" workout. 


The energy from Flight Room's whole body 3-D vibration plate's 30 HZ vibrations is gentle and safely transferred throughout the body. These gentle vibrations stimulate the muscles, cells, lymphatic system and even bones and soft tissues in the body.  

Your muscle spindles fire secondary to the mechanical stimulation produced by the vibrating plate, and this rapid firing of the muscle spindles cause a neuromuscular response that ripples through your entire body, causing a wide array of physiological changes.

On the vibrating platform, you increase the forces on your body, which is what puts the "work" into your workout. By increasing gravity, it effectively increases the G forces exerted on your body. 

A high-quality vibration platform can generate forces from 2 to 6 Gs, depending on the frequency and amplitude settings used. This means that, even at the lowest setting, you nearly double your body weight in terms of the forces applied. 

When you stand on the vibrating platform, each muscle in your body reacts in a continuous flow of micro adjustments, contracting reflexively. By engaging up to 98 percent of your muscle fibers, including the fast and super-fast muscle fibers, you get greater rewards and shorter workouts.

The up-and-down movement improves your muscle tone. The left-to-right, and front-to-back movements improve your balance and coordination. The net result is a dramatic improvement in strength and power, flexibility, balance, tone and leanness.

Just 30 minutes of Yoga Vibe refreshes your energy, stimulates your circulation and helps your body excrete toxins by stimulating lymphatic drainage.