Invigorate & Restore

Yoga Vibe (45 minutes) 

Yoga vibe is like a scrubbing cleanse for both your physical body and your energetic body; spirit and soul. Your entire being will feel refreshed, balanced and aligned.

The different frequencies help with everything from melting away tension, tightness and the feels of stress to lifting away tired energy to make you feel renewed.

You will experience the heat of building strength as well as the detoxification that is being ‘shaken’ out with the vibes — Making space for the light and lifted sensations that make us feel good. Yoga vibe is a workout for your soul as much as it is for your body.

This 45 minute class is perfect for people who want all of the strengthening and lengthening benefits of traditional yoga in a shorter window of time.

All levels welcome; semi private class capped at six students. Ready to vibe with us? Book your board here. No mat required.