Your First Class

Booking Your Class

  1. Arrive 10 min early

  2. Avoid slippery material clothing (cotton is best)

  3. Wear a fitted shirt with sleeves. Tank tops expose sensitive skin under the arms to rubbing which can leave marks on your skin. Once you get used to moving with the fabric and you can keep it away from your under arms (as a beginner this is tough to do), you are welcome to wear a tank top.

  4. Remove all jewelry that may get caught on or snag the hammock. Especially rings!

  5. Avoid eating an hour before class please...!

  6. A yoga mat is NOT needed. Our floors are super soft.

  7. Beginners please be mindful of the class level and your experience. Faster paced + advanced classes are not slowed for beginners.

How much will the hammock hold?

We use safety rated rock climbing gear that is designed to hold hundreds to thousands of pounds. The fabric itself is also tested to hold up to 1,000 lbs.

Precautions and Requirements

Our staff has expert training to guide you through the class and can make recommendations and suggestions for you to reach health goals, but we are not physicians. Your concerns on health related issues, medications and appropriateness of exercise should be thoroughly discussed with your personal health care provider before partaking in any of the classes we offer. 

Your first few classes may be a little uncomfortable at times as your body adjusts to the pressure of the hammock. This also tells you that you are releasing tension and tightness as that is normally what causes the discomfort.  

What if I'm late?

For safety reasons and out of respect for the students who made it on time, we cannot guarantee entry for late comers. Please be at least 10 min early to get set up, especially if you are new to our studio. We've implemented some very thoughtful details into our studio for your enjoyment that also provide particular purposes. In order for you to get the best experience and introduction to our studio, you will need at least 10 min before the class begins.

Flight Classes for Beginners

We recommend starting with the Flight Foundations Beginner Workshop to get a good handle on how to use the hammock. Jumping into more intense classes at the beginning can sometimes be like drinking from a fire hose. Sounds like a great way to hydrate quickly but doesn't always feel best!

Beginner-friendly aerial yoga classes in order of difficulty are:

ZEN Flight
FLOW Flight: beginner
FLOW Flight: all levels (this is an all levels class and can be a bit fast paced for new comers)

BARRE Flight and FIT Flight are also beginner friendly.

Who should not do Flight Yoga?

Easily onset Motion Sickness (this is a common one!)
Recent surgery (esp. shoulder, eyes, back, hips, hands or wrist)
Heart disease
Very high or low blood pressure
Easy onset vertigo
Osteoporosis / bone weakness
Recent head injury
Cerebral Sclerosis
Propensity for Fainting
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Severe arthritis
Sinusitis or head cold (this is really uncomfortable when you are inverted)
Hiatal hernia
Disc herniation or acute discogenic disease
Recent stroke
Artificial joints
Radiculitis (inflammation of nerve root in spine)
Severe muscle spasms
Botox (within 6 hours, hanging upside down will give you more lift than you are looking for!)

* Notify instructor before class if you have any contraindications so they can help you modify your practice.

We use Pike13 as our reservation system to book classes, so you’ll need to create a Pike13 account. Because many classes do sell out, we suggest you pre-reserve your class in advance!

After you’ve created your online profile and purchased your class package, you can secure your spot on a web browser or on the app.

Please note: we ask for 12 hours notice for cancelations. Ready to book? Schedule your class here.

What if I need to cancel?

If you cannot make a class you've signed up for, please cancel within 12hrs of class start time (6 hrs for VIP members).

Late cancels will result in loss of class credit for class packages or a $15 late cancel/no show fee for unlimited pass holders (including New Student passes). If a valid CC is not on file, the pass may be cancelled. 

I'm on the waitlist. When do I get in?

Good news: over half of the people who sign up on the waitlist end up getting into the class! If you sign up on the waitlist, please plan on making it to the class.

You can be added to the class up to one hour before the class begins. You will receive an email and/or text notification that you have made it into the class. Your notification preferences can be set or changed by logging into your account and changing them in the settings.

If you make other plans after signing up, be sure to cancel your waitlist reservation to leave room for the people who can attend.

How can I cancel or pause my membership?

Monthly auto-pay memberships can be cancelled any time after any minimum commitment period is met by emailing us at

There is a 30 day notice required for cancellations.

 Holds can be placed for a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 3 months. Note: there is a hold fee of $20. Once the hold frame time has expired, the membership will automatically resume.

I have a pass that I can no longer use, can I get a refund?

All purchases are non refundable once purchased but they ARE transferrable, so if you purchase a pass that you can no longer use, we are happy to transfer it to someone you choose.  

My question isn’t here!

We are always happy to help! Reach out at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.