Your Flight Crew


jen, owner/barre/flow/zen

Jen believes that both barre and yoga offer the chance to connect with our most powerful and authentic selves and strives to create classes that leave students feeling strong, centered and empowered. She loves the interplay of work and rest, strength and stretch, movement and stillness and you will see that balance in her Barre & Flow classes. Jen calls upon her training in the traditional Lotte Berk barre method along with her background in yoga to craft her own style to best meet her student’s individual goals.


alexandra, barre/flow/flexibility

Alexandra is a dancer, yogi and apparatus enthusiast. Her classes are built around the joy of movement and finding the boundary between ease and excitement. She was classically trained as a dancer at University of Idaho and American Dance Festival and completed her 200 hour instructor training at the alignment-focused Seattle Yoga Arts. She loves infusing her aerial practice with creative movement and plenty of inversions.


anjaly, flexibility/play

Anjaly's aerial yoga journey has been about empowerment, in and out of the hammock. Though she began aerial as a novice to exercise, she was blown away by the things the body can do when you trust it. She is drawn to the powerful feeling of trusting the body, the fabric and physics to pull off beautiful moves and stretches. Her classes reflect this approach, with a focus on meeting your body where it is and trusting it to take you past your mental barriers.


danielle, barre/power

Danielle calls on her extensive dance background to create powerful flows and dynamic barre classes. Expect to be both challenged and supported in her classes and to find new expressions of traditional asana as you flow through playful transitions. You’ll know you’ve been to one of Danielle’s classes when you try and lift your arms the following day!


jennifer, flow/play/power

Jennifer guides her students toward a foundation of body awareness and alignment through precise cueing and dialogue. Her goal is to create a welcoming environment so that each student can grow their practice at their own pace while tapping into their unique inner strength. She brings her background in movement arts and bodywork as a Washington State Board Licensed Massage Therapist to help her students meet their goals.


laura, barre/flow/zen

Laura has been practicing yoga for 25 years and began teaching in 2003. Her first training was in Ashtanga yoga and over time she gravitated toward Iyengar and the tradition’s focus on form. You can expect the same in her Flight classes. Her style is strong and form-focused while her approach is detailed and compassionate. And her barre classes will be the most fun you’ll have while getting your booty kicked!


melissa, fit/zen

Melissa found aerial yoga during a stressful time in her life and fell in love with the practice as it brought about a sense of peace and rest for her soul. Since then, she has longed to share the numerous benefits of the practice with others. Her background in bodybuilding and strength & conditioning allows Melissa to encourage students to challenge themselves, set new goals and strive for new heights.


paulina, flow

Paulina discovered aerial yoga while on one of her trips to Hawaii, her second home. Her immediate connection with the practice became her deep passion to share her love of using the hammock to assist with alignment and postures.  Inspired by the fluidity of vinyasa yoga, the strength and gracefulness of aerial arts, it is her goal to provide a class that is both fun and challenging for students of all levels.


wei, flexibility/play

Wei found aerial yoga while searching for a way to recover from a broken leg and has been flying ever since. She draws inspiration from aerial movement to create playful and expressive transitions. She avidly seeks to inspire and empower each and every student to achieve their fullest expression of self. Wei also believes in investing in the Flight Room community to create a supportive and loving family.


christine, flow/zen

Christine has spent the last eight years committed to the practice + study of yoga. She completed her 200hr teacher training in 2011, and followed up with three years of apprenticeship in a contemporary style of the Mysore, Ashtanga tradition. Her classes are balanced and based in a strong technical understanding of asana and how it impacts the body.


elissa, barre/fit/flow/zen

Alignment focused and heartfelt, Elissa’s classes are thoughtful and empowering. Drawing Inspiration from her extensive yoga teaching background, Elissa focuses on mindful and purposeful movement. She also believes in personally connecting with her students and building community through fitness and wellness. She is certified in barre instruction and is a 200 registered yoga teacher working toward her 300 hour RYT.


kate, flow

Kate's Flow classes are all about joining strength and relaxation into a smooth balance. Her calming voice will make stress melt away and lift your spirits. She loves to pay special attention to opening up the hips and hamstrings and she thinks Flight classes are the perfect physical and emotional therapy for the day!


malia, barre/fit/flow

Malia aims to empower her students through encouraging a connection with their breath and awareness of their body, so that they are inspired to live their strongest life. Her intent is that her students leave class with three things: balanced muscles, a full heart and a smile. Malia brings both vulnerability and a sense of humor to her classes, complimented by a motivating playlist to engage our bodies and push us through challenging movements—singing along is highly encouraged!


patty, flow/foundations/play

Patty discovered Flight Yoga when the studio first opened in Seattle. The combination of flight + yoga resonated with the rugged individualism of a northwest native. Over the years, a deep commitment to the Flight Room community transformed her practice from that of an inquisitive student to teacher. Expect detailed cueing, compassion for meeting your body where it is and a sense of light hearted play in Patty’s classes.


theresa, zen

Practicing aerial yoga since 2014 and teaching since 2016, Theresa is certified in Yoga Fit Level 1 and Flight Foundations. Striving to foster an inclusive setting and offer accessible movement, she hopes all students feels seen, celebrated and empowered in her classes. Theresa is fueled by PNW mountain views, cold brew coffee and fierce warrior 2 poses. Wishing you love and flight, she hopes to see you in the hammock soon!