Groupon Activation


Groupons must be activated ahead of time through the form below.

Groupons cannot be activated on a walk basis.


Groupons are valid for the following classes only

Beginner Flight        |        Urban Zen         |         Morning Flight Flow

Other Fine Print to note


1. Valid for new clients only
(new clients: anyone who has never taken a class with us before)

2. Cannot be shared
Valid only for one person

3. One per person
Cannot repurchase once your Groupon package has been used.

4. Expiration date cannot be extended
5 class pack expires 60 days from activation / 10 + 20 packs expire 90 days from activation

5. Cannot purchase other studio "New Student" promotions after Groupon pass is completed.

6. Studio cancellation and no show policy applies
read our studio policy here

7. Express Flight | Intro Workshop is not included in Groupons
We recommend starting with the workshop to learn all the foundations, safety, placements + movements

Need more freedom?


If you need more freedom in your package we suggest purchasing one of our in-house New Student options instead.


New Student 1 mo unlimited   |   $109
Unlimited access to all classes we offer; expires 1 month from purchase date


New Student Express Flight | Beginner Workshop + 4 Group Classes   |   $99
expires 3 months from purchase
the additional 4 group classes are valid for all classes we offer



Groupon Activation Form

Name *
Once we receive your code you will be sent instruction on logging in to manage your reservations. You will then be in complete control of managing your reservations. Please be familiar with our cancellation policy


Can I extend my expiration date?

Unfortunately not. Groupon has strict terms and conditions that do not allow us to extend expiration dates. However, if you purchase a new pass from our studio before your Groupon expires we can merge them together and your Groupon will be extended into the new expiration date.
You will have to let us know after you purchase a new pass so we can go in and merge them for you.


My skill level is above beginner can I attend other classes?

You can upgrade your Groupon into a full studio pass for $35 which opens your account to all classes on our schedule.


Why is Yin Flight not included when it's a beginner friendly class?

We are only able to offer Yin Flight once a week currently and consider it a specialty class as it is very different from the other classes. And because we only have limited spots available we have to reserve them for our studio members. You are welcome to purchase a pass that includes the Yin Flight and all other classes on our schedule but as of right now we are unable to include it in Groupon promotional passes.


Can book a spot for my friend on my Groupon?

Groupon passes are non shareable + non transferrable which means they are yours and only yours. We would love to have your friend join you on their own pass or drop in though!


I'm trying to sign up for a class and it's asking me to pay when I already have a Groupon.

This could be for a couple of reasons. 

1. Did you email us your voucher code to get your Groupon activated? (see the contact form above)

2. Is the class you are signing up for included in the Groupon pass? Groupon's are limited to certain classes only. (see the info on classes at the top of the page)

3. Do you have more than one account in our system? This can be checked by either trying to log in with a different email or by reaching out to have us look for you