Let’s fly!

Experience the feeling of Flight™ by taking your practice to a whole new level. Explore new possibilities in strength and flexibility by changing the center of gravity and point of focus. Release tight muscles through myofacial release + decompress the spine; create more space in the body and take pressure off the joints. Energize through inversions and take flight with happy hormones. 

Ready to go? Book your hammock here.

(As of July 1,ALL classes at Flight Room will utilize the hammock as a prop).

Flight Yoga


This is an in depth 90 min workshop to get you going in Flight™ Yoga the best way possible. The workshop is packed with education on this amazing practice. 

You will learn 
-how to work with the fabric
-proper safety and placement
-how it affects the mind + body
-the science behind how the fabric releases muscle tension, builds strength, and heals your nervous system
-introduction to Flight™ style flows + salutations along with a few snazzy tricks!
and loads more knowledge that will leave you feeling confident to join group classes and know exactly what's up.

FLOW Flight

Let your soul come alive in a dynamic vinyasa style flow that moves in + around the hammock linking breath to movement. Each class is uniquely tailored to offer pacing and poses to fit the students in the room.

All levels welcome with several beginner-focused classes offered each week

POWER Flight 

Prepare to be challenged! Working with resistance and gravity, you will flow through powerful asanas, get creative with movement and transitions and improve your balance and core strength.

Intermediate/advanced; please take at least five FLOW classes before joining us for POWER.  

ZEN Flight 

Designed to lower stress and decompress. Open up tight areas and work out stuck energy. You will feel lighter, longer and lifted as you 'take the weight off your shoulders.’ Our mothership of a savasana will leave you with a unique sense of relaxation and euphoria that will linger for a while. The hour is a real treat and instructors will offer up anything from restorative movement, myofacial release, guided meditation or floating adjustments. Warm eye pillows and essential oils are offered for extra love.

All levels welcome; Beginner friendly


Open up! This creative flow-based class will focus on lengthening your muscles and creating space in the body. Whether you are working on your splits or deepening your backbends, the fabric will help safely guide you into a deeper stretch.

All levels welcome; a couple of FLOW or ZEN classes may be helpful before trying FLEXIBILITY

PLAY Flight

Let’s play! We’ll move through a light hearted flow with dance-like sequencing that add new variations of creative and challenging asanas and transitions. This class encourages concentration and balance and reduces stress through playfulness. This is an advanced level class that is best suited to experienced flyers.

Note: Play Flight 2 will become PLAY Workshop and will be held on Sundays at CD.

Intermediate/advanced; please take at least five FLOW classes before joining us for PLAY.

Flight Fitness

BARRE Flight

This powerful class combines ballet conditioning, Pilates, yoga and mindfulness to cultivate strength from the inside out. By swapping the ballet barre for the aerial hammock, the core is worked in a brand new way. Our take on barre is inspiring, fun and produces impressive body toning and flexibility in just 10 classes.

All levels welcome

FIT Flight

This 50 minute aerial fitness class unites elements of weight training, yoga and HIIT (high intensity interval training) while incorporating the hammock to add extra challenge for the core. You’ll get FIT in record time!

All levels welcome (but be prepared to sweat!)